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Barn Quilts For Books

Barn quilt designA fundraising initiative started in the fall of 2014 by the Friends of the Library and our Community That Cares to benefit the Craig County Public Library .


Decorating barns has a history in America. In the mid-1800’s German and Swiss immigrants honored their tradition of painting stars, compass roses, or stylized birds on barns to celebrate their heritage and bring good fortune to their farms and communities. Through the mid-20th century it was common to find large advertising signs painted on barns and other rural buildings—the precursor to the modern billboard. Longing for tradition, rural counties across America today are restoring this art to honor loved ones, commemorate important events, and celebrate a shared heritage of hard work and the strong bonds of community by dressing their barns with QUILTS!

Exercising commitment to history and community, individuals, families, businesses, and organizations can sponsor the creation of barn quilts. Property owners and public buildings can play host by displaying the painted quilts for the enjoyment of all who travel the byways. Thus we all work together promoting local tourism and saving the icon of America’s rural countryside—the BARN!

Craig County barn blocks are painted by community volunteers using the highest quality materials on lightweight aluminum sign board for ease of installation and to hold up well in all exterior applications.
Most barn quilt blocks feature the simplest geometric forms of traditional quilting in a basic palette of bright colors making them easy to enjoy from a distance. However, special orders can generally be accommodated.

While the term ‘barn quilt’ seemingly implies the need for a large dairy, horse, or hay barn, this just isn’t the case. This traditional art can be featured on smaller outbuildings like sheds, on fences or as yard signs. From storefronts to front porches, a barn quilt will add charm and build community anywhere. Barn quilts can be interior art, too. Make yours a bed headboard or display it over a fireplace.

Sponsors often choose patterns that honor a special individual or memorialize a favorite family tradition or heirloom quilt. Others choose designs that speak to work or hobbies. Some just like the appeal of a certain design.

There are thousands of quilt block patterns, so Craig County can be filled with an endless array of distinctive barn quilts.

2′ x 2′ for $125
4′ x 4′ for $250
8′ x 8′ for $450

Price includes the cost of materials and a tax-deductible donation to the Craig County Public Library. Receipts of donation will be mailed after payment is received. Special orders (e.g., special materials, paint colors, or intricate designs) will have additional costs assessed. Price does not include installation or any necessary site work.

Barn Quilt 4 Books Order Form as pdf


While most often the sponsor is able to display his barn quilt on his own property, many individuals, families, businesses, and organizations desire to commission barn quilts but do not have a suitable building or structure for display. They need a host.

Please contact Matha Dillard ( or 540-864-7805) if you are willing to host a barn quilt on your property.

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